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The Phoenix, Enhancing The Spirit LLC is a community based business that was established by Ebony Griffin in February of 2021. We provide in-person and virtual holistic mental health support to various communities throughout the world with our art, mental health service and apparel printing. Ebony Griffin truly believes that you have to be the change that you want to see within your community. To help support this vision and mission, you can donate by following the information below. Donation proceeds will be used to sponsor future community events and business supplies. Thank you again for your support, trust, energy and business! Together we will create positive change! Ase, and so it is.

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The Phoenix, Enhancing The Spirit LLC

PO Box 64960

Gary, IN 46401

Ebony Griffin|The Phoenix 

Biography | Meet the Artist

Ebony Griffin is a Black American artist born and raised on Chicago's southside. She is a wife, mother, artist,  business owner, mentor and community leader that made a conscious decision to establish her roots in Gary, IN. Ebony believes that you have to be the change that you want to see within your community and throughout the world. Throughout Ebony's career, she has worked alongside of The People's Lobby, (S.O.U.L) Southsiders Organized For Unity And Liberation and other Grassroot Organizations to help create positive change for marginalized communities on a local level. Ebony introduced herself to art when she was battling her own life challenges. Ebony is a self taught abstract artist that uses art to express and release her own inner feelings. She believes her purpose is to enlighten the mind of others to align with their own spirit, guided by one's own life experiences and creative expression. 

                                         A Mother's Thoughts

"Ebony Griffin is a woman, strong, opinionated, fearless, natural, confident, mother, patient, funny, silly, she shows unconditional love, creator, intelligent, talented, musically inclined, a poet, and an artist. She has the imagination and spirit of all things known. She chooses her friends wisely and is a deadly force to be reckoned with. Ebony, my child is a prophet of many things."

                                                                                                  Verlean Griffin 

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