About Us....


The Phoenix, Enhancing The Spirit LLC is a community based business that provides in-person and virtual holistic mental health support to marginalized communities throughout the world with our program and services. We truly believe that you have to be the change that you want to see within your environment! To help support this vision and mission, you can donate by following the information below. Thank you again for your support, trust, energy and business! Together we will create positive change! Ase, and so it is.

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PayPal: thephoenixenhancingthespirit@outlook.com

Cash and or Supplies please mail to: 

The Phoenix, Enhancing The Spirit LLC

PO Box 64960

Gary, IN 46401

 *Supply List: Acrylic pouring paint (multi-colors), spiral notebooks, black pens, aprons, tarps, hand blow dryers, 8x10 blank canvases

Signed: Ebony Griffin|The Phoenix 

Meet the Artist...

My name is Ebony Griffin. I am a Holistic Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor and a Fine Artist. I specialize in Environmental Trauma Healing and Fine Arts. My purpose is to enlighten the mind to align with the spirit, guided by my life experiences and creative expression. I can teach you the necessary tools that will help you become accountable for your own healing. I truly believe that my environment is my reflection, and I choose to see the greatness in it!


Signed. Ebony Griffin | The Phoenix

"Ebony Griffin, the Woman, Strong. Opinionated. Fearless. Natural. Confident. Mother. Patient. Funny; silly. Unconditional love. Endless boundaries. Creator. Intelligent. Talented. Musically inclined. A poet. An artist. The imagination and Spirit of all things known. She chooses her friends wisely and is a deadly force to be reckoned with. Ebony = a prophet of many talents."

                                                                               Signed. Verlean Griffin | My Mommy